August 21, 2013

The Unorganized, Imperfect, Messy Homeschool Mom

When our school year came to a close on June 13th, to say I was exhausted is an enormous understatement. One of my sons asked me that week if I had "put my make-up on that way?" "What way?" "It looks like you painted dark make-up on around your eyes." And that's when I knew, I NEEDED A BREAK!!

And that is exactly what I did. Starting on June14th, I put all that was homeschool away. I vowed to my kids and husband, that I would not look at any school websites, log off my blog and set aside all projects for the next school year. It actually wasn't easy. Breaking my daily routine, and just focusing on muaw? It had been months since I did that. (I will write later about how I renewed myself this summer and show you my crafty projects!)

So here I am, 20 days until we go back to school.

I had great visions of how my second year would look and how I would be so impressively prepared, organized, and buckled up for success! Ehhhh, nope!

This is how it looks today. My corner for "success" is really coming along nicely, isn't it? Now that I'm back to reality and school prep, I've been buying supplies and curriculum and chucking them into the corner! I know, it looks like a hoarder lives here, but I promise you the rest of my house is nothing like this cluttered explosion!

I've been getting ideas for the school year by reading other mom blogs. Let me just say, how DEPRESSING!! All these ladies with organization by the WEEK!! Lesson plans all laid out, crafts ready to go, freezers packed with homemade meals, and pantries stocked with all their canning. My goodness, it makes me feel like I should move in with them. If I had a tenth of the togetherness that they have, I would feel like a superhero.

So, here I sit, waiting for the UPS man to deliver my curriculum. The box that us moms anticipate like kids on Christmas morning. The ones that most of these moms had ordered BEFORE the end of the last school year. The curriculum, that just yesterday, I was in a fevered pitch bidding war for on Ebay, which I won! (Well, 2 out of 3 auctions.) 

I have to believe that there are other moms out there just like me.
They had a summer full of memory making instead of lesson planning.
In all honesty, I do feel a bit inferior to these "got it all together" super moms. However, I know in reality, social media and the blogosphere world has a way of smoothing out the rough edges of our lives.

So, here is mine, with all the rough edges exposed! And year #2 hanging in the balance, or rather teetering on the edge of an imperfect, wonderful life!
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