September 13, 2013

MORE Organized, LESS Messy.....STILL Imperfect

Week 1...... down! 
And along with it, the summer wiggles and acrobatic tricks out of their chairs when they were suppose to be studying. Okay...who am I kidding, that will never stop, but maybe we reined it in a little.
A little update:I actually whipped that room into shape. And best of all, I only had one burst of tears around 10 o'clock the night before school started. I was trying to get the walls decorated and the calendar up, when the thoughts racing in my head got the best of me. When in a foggy, sleep deprived state, I decided I couldn't do it and that they were probably better off in public school anyway! But, at last I made it through and this is how it looks.
A far cry from my previous post don't you think?



So, my version of Christmas arrived just days before school started. The boxes were a welcomed sight. Full of exciting new books, DVDs, a new planner and endless learning!  

Now I know I said before that I wished I had just a "tenth of the togetherness" that other homeschooling mom's posses....but I figured out that I actually do! Who knew?
Well, apparently my friends and family know, because after my last blog post, I was encouraged endlessly by them. They reminded me that I do have it together and that I can make things happen when it's time. So, I snapped out of it and turned off the lights to my pity party!
I confess....I don't have our year planned out 55 weeks in advance! Only about 2 weeks to be honest. I do however know where we are heading and I know the major projects in front of us. I have lots of surprises up my sleeve and a whole new reward system to keep the boys focused and energized.

So after days of toiling over the schedule, the curriculum and the classroom (slash my bedroom slash office) it was time to launch our 2nd year of homeschooling at
And so, with a full pot of coffee brewed....the doors were opened to 
Bubby our 4th grader
J-Man our 2nd grader
and of course our little Critter! 
School Year 2013-14 is now underway!

Although I struggle to feel adequate, I know that God has placed this burden on me and He never asks us to do ANYTHING without preparing us. Everyday, leading up to the 1st day of school, when I would start to feel that sinking feeling, with tightness in my chest, and sometimes even shortness of breath....I would give my fears to God. I would remind myself that these are His children first and He won't let them down. 
My job is to listen and let Him lead.
"I am the Lord your God, who teaches you what is best for you, who directs you in the way you should go." 

Isaiah 48:17
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