April 11, 2014

Nutrition Week Wrap-Up

We wrapped up a week-long study on the Digestive System and Nutrition, with a trip to Nana's house. My mom, being the Nana that she is, has a well stocked kitchen. It is filled with cookies, candy, sugary drinks, ice cream sandwiches, spray cheese, buttery crackers, and whatever else a grandchild's tummy may desire. Not exactly a glowing example of health and nutrition. Now, right about here she is going to insist on me clarifying that she doesn't JUST feed them sugary and salty snacks! But come on, we all know that's what the grand kids are anticipating on the car ride to Grandpa and Nana's house.

When I asked my Mom to do a Nutrition Lesson to cap off our nutrition week, I knew it would be a stretch for her. I love to get our families involved in our homeschool. It is a good way to give the boys a break from hearing me and it connects them to their Grandparents in a special way. My Mom herself, is a healthy gal, but translating that to her grand babies is different. Also, she isn't one for public speaking, but I thought this would be a pretty forgiving audience.

After just a little direction from me and a website to give her a few tips, she was off and running. I'm happy to say that Nana put on a fantastic Nutrition Lesson! She used the "Sometimes Foods and Switcheroos" method I found on the USDA My Plate website for elementary ages. (Mind you, this is the one and only time I have every used or suggested the use of a government website for school!)

She laid out quite an impressive spread and gave the boys all the tools to build their own nutritious snacks. We had some delicious hits and some major misses! Plain Greek yogurt with fresh berries.....miss! Whole wheat flatbread with cream cheese, strawberry pepperoni and fruit pizza....hit! My absolute favorite was ice water, with fresh mint leaves, and just a little fresh orange and lemon juice. It was outstanding! I'm a sugary coffee, and ice tea lover, so even I was surprised that I loved it.

We accomplished a lot during Nutrition week! I will share more later on, but this was definitely a yummy way to cap off an intense week of learning! And I must say, "Way to Go, Nana!"

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