April 13, 2014

Family Egg Drop Challenge

I think that I may just be a closet Full House fanatic. Well, not the current me, but the teenage me for sure. It's true, I watched re-runs all the way through high school and even remember getting quite disappointed in the Spring, when Major League Baseball games on TV would mess up my afternoon ritual! Also, I'm pretty sure I thought Candace Cameron would be my best friend, if ever we were to meet. My boys are now fans too. I guess good taste runs in the family (wink wink). In fact, our DVR has reached over 30 episodes a few times. My husband on the other hand, feels like his skin is going to crawl right off of his body, every time he sees my TGIF show coming on. All of this to say, Full House had this episode where they made an egg-drop contraption and dropped it off the balcony into the living room. I loved that episode! I thought it would be so much fun to make an egg-drop project....and have a balcony!

Well, last weekend, my childhood dreams were seen through when my boys competed in our first family egg drop competition. I teamed my Dad up with Bubby, my husband with J-Man, and once Critter heard all about it, he insisted on making one with Mama.

We had so much fun!!

I created a worksheet as a guide for each team. It laid out the rules, the challenge details, suggested materials, gave instructions on sketching designs, and finally asked some follow-up questions to see what they learned.

After a day of brainstorming, building, and broken eggs, we were ready for the big competition on Sunday! Originally, I had planned on sending my husband up on top of my parents house to drop the eggs, but my Dad, being the engineer minded man he is, had a better plan. He created some sort of pulley system with tree trimming poles that lifted the eggs up about 25 feet in the air. It was a sight to behold....definitely something our kids won't soon forget.

All together, we had 8 egg drop contraptions between the 2 teams, one of which was Critter's and mine (an egg, wrapped in a Pull-up and stuffed in a Folgers can filled with pillow fluff left over from a craft project. Apparently, very little planning and an impatient 3 year old that just wants to drop an egg, is a good combination for making a successful egg drop contraption.) Out of 8 drops, we only had one scrambled egg! Which was actually kind of fun and added some excitement to the experiment.

It was a beautiful, sunny day. It was the perfect way to teach the boys a little physics, while creating great memories! And bonus, I had my Full House dream come true....minus the balcony....and the whole, becoming best friends with Candace Cameron thing.

I have attached a link to the worksheet I created for this project. It is very simple and fun and would work for almost any age. The PDF file is available to download in my new Teachers Pay Teachers store.


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